Finger food 

$14.95 per head for a choice of 4 items

$19.95 per head for a choice of 6 items

-Minimum of 30 people

 -Served in foil containers.

-48 hours’ notice.

-Free delivery.

-Extra for food served on platters of your choice. Call us on 03 95098183 for further details.


Moroccan Cigars

Falafel balls

BBQ chicken spare ribs

Mini chicken schnitzels

Beef meat balls

Borekas – potato or cheese filling

Trio of dips (eggplant,humous,tahini)

Pita with za`atar herb

Full Meal catering

From $32 per head.

30ppl to 50ppl: $39

50ppl to 70ppl: $36

70ppl to 100ppl: $34

100ppl+ : $32

-Only 4 hours` notice needed.

-Served in foil containers.

-Free delivery.

-Other serving options are available. Please call us on 03 95098183 to discuss it.



Trio of dips (Eggplant, Humous, Tahini)

Pita bread

Calamari rings

Salads – diced tomato and cucumber

Coleslaw salad

Chicken schnitzels

Beef kebabs

Chicken shashlicks (extra for Lamb shashlicks)

Chicken spare ribs or chicken wings (in BBQ sauce)